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Some Bulbs

I have been meaning for awhile to post some bulb pictures. I wanted to accumulate enough photos to make a post worthwhile (or are they always worthwhile?).

2013 Miscell 0680 2013 Miscell 0691 2013 Miscell 0692 2013 Miscell 0700 2013 Miscell 0559 2013 Miscell 0676 muscari and Hebe 'Jasper' 2013 Miscell 0711 2013 Miscell 0712

It may have been a little bright when I took these pictures… but it seems like it is either sunny here or overcast and raining.

Easter Container

Yesterday, when I got back from my short trip, I received from the co-gardener an Easter present – a green container full of plants.

2013 Miscell 0689 Easter present pot 2013 Miscell 0690 Easter present pot

The tall trellis, which is quite attractive, is for sweet peas. It might be hard to see, but there is a little squirrel statue/stake in the pot. I am also fairly into solar lights. I suppose largely what makes the pot “mine” is that it is green. Naturally, the co-gardener will be enjoying it as well. Perhaps later I will write what is in it.

Nursery Purchase, including Sedums

Last Wednesday, March 27, the co-gardener and I visited a nursery. Prices have gone up since last year, and our coupon wasn’t that great, so we bought almost entirely plants in the little 4-inch pots. For the first time, we got sedums and hens and chicks (types of succulent). I picked up another hebe, for which I actually have a spot. I already planted a purple lobelia and wanted a second, so I was pleased to find that. I was tempted by penstemons, as always, but resisted.

  • Sedum lydium – Lydium Sedum
  • Sedum acre ‘Aureum’ – golden carpet sedum
  • Sedum spathulifolium ‘Carnea’
  • Sedum sieboldii ‘mediovariegatum’
  • Sedum oreganum – Oregon stonecrop, supposedly native
  • Sedum album ‘Faro Form’
  • Hen and Chicks – Sempervivum arachnoideum ‘Spumanti’
  • Hen and Chicks – Sempervivum ‘Ruby Hearts’
  • Leatherleaf Fern – Polypodium scouleri
  • Hebe franciscana ‘Lobeloides’
  • Parahebe ‘Olsenii’
  • Delphinium elatum ‘Guardian lavender’
  • Delphinium “Pacific Giant hybrid” ‘Blue Bird’
  • Deep Red Tall Lobelia – Lobelia x speciosa ‘Compliment Deep Red’ x2
  • Tall Purple Lobelia – Lobelia x gerardii
  • ‘Hot Trumpet’s salvia – Salvia roemeriana ‘Hot Trumpets’
  • Nutmeg creeping thyme – Thymus praecox ‘Nutmeg’
  • Lime thyme – Thymus x citriodorus ‘Lime’

I had been curious about parahebes for awhile, so finally got one. The delphiniums are going to go in the rose garden and the lobelias in the swamp (where they did quite well last year). The sedums will likely go in a pot.

Hebe franciscana 'Lobeloides'

Hebe franciscana ‘Lobeloides’



Thyme, Parahebe, Salvia, Fern

Thymes, Parahebe, Salvia, Fern

Sedums and Hens and Chicks

Sedums and Hens and Chicks

Salvia and Phlox Pruning, Berry Tending

Monday March 25th I worked in the yard, as it was not raining. I pruned the woody salvias (‘Red Velvet,’ ‘Stampede Punch,’ ‘Stampede Lavender,’ and two ‘Black and Blue’), which was somewhat fun. I also pruned/cleaned up three of the Phlox paniculatas (‘Flame Light Pink,’ ‘Goldmine,’ ‘Blushing Shortwood’). Phlox paniculata ‘Flame Coral Red’ didn’t seem to have any new growth at the base yet, so I left it alone – this allows the old stems to act as markers.

2013 Miscell 0612

The rest of the time I spent weeding the cane berries and removing dead leaves. It took a long time and was strenuous. The far side of the berries, by the rockery, is just not that accessible, so it took a lot of contorting. I also did some tying of the canes (although there is more to be done). I was disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but I should remember that that job always takes a long time.

2013 Miscell 0643 2013 Miscell 0644

The first two rows are fall-bearing (or “everbearing”) raspberries, so last year’s growth has been cut down. The last row contains the regular summer-bearing raspberries, which fruit on the previous year’s growth. I have kept these two types of raspberries apart, but within the rows I have planted many different varieties. At the end are blackberries – ‘Cascade’ and ‘Boysenberry.’ I am not sure how this year’s crops will go… I have had some problems with verticillium wilt before.

Bees Information Seminar

Saturday March 23rd I went to a presentation at one of the nurseries about mason bees. The presenter was from Crown Bees ( Apparently we are doing everything wrong… I am not sure to what extent we will switch to the proper Crown Bees way, but I did buy a package of bee cocoons and the BeeAdventure Kit.

While I was at the nursery, I picked up an indoor hydrangea. This is the same nursery that we had been to a few days before, and had seen the hydrangeas, which looked great. I bought Hydrangea macrophylla ‘You Me Forever.’

2013 Miscell 0685 'You Me  Forever' 2013 Miscell 0686 'You Me Forever'

After it is done blooming I am going to plant it in the yard – I think I can get it to work.


I took the following picture March 26:

2013 Miscell 0647 first magnolia blossom

It was the first blossom of the Magnolia stellata ‘Waterlily’ and I was quite excited. I didn’t get the picture posted before I went out of town for a couple of days…. and returned March 30 to this:

2013 Miscell 0672 Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' 2013 Miscell 0673 Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' 2013 Miscell 0679 Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' 2013 Miscell 0694 Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily' 2013 Miscell 0714 Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily'

Suddenly, my post was old news! It is amazing how fast a few days of sunshine can open up flowers. The magnolia was planted last year… it was delivered to the backyard but then we decided to move it to the front. It would have been impossible without our new PotLifter ( As it is, we spent quite a long time getting the plant out of its pot – it was so tight in there that we had to cut apart the container which went very slowly.

First Day of Spring Nursery Purchase

To celebrate the First Day of Spring, we visited a nursery. It is not at all like last year, when we were re-landscaping the yard and were picking up a lot at the nurseries: now we have to keep in mind for what there is actually space.

Picked up:

  • Hebe ‘Patty’s Purple’
  • Variegated lacecap hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mariesii Variegata’)
  • English daisy (Bellis perennis) ‘Galaxy’
  • Pansy ‘Fuzzy Lemonade’
  • Pansy unknown

The English daisy and two pansies are going to be put in a pot by the co-gardener. I have a spot in mind for the hebe… and as for the hydrangea, I’ll figure something out. It may possibly go in the exact middle of the backyard.

English daisy in middle, pansies on sides

English daisy in middle, pansies on sides

Hydrangea and Hebe

Hydrangea and Hebe

This was pretty restrained.

Lawn, pruning, weeding, and strawberry-planting

Yesterday I had a work-day in the yard, largely because I knew that it was the last rainless day for awhile.

I had purchased some more Hood strawberries at the home/garden/grocery store, so planted them in the strawberry pyramid. They were not much more impressive looking than last time, and I don’t think that I got all ten. Bare-root strawberries costs less, but I feel a little uncertain about it.

Bundled Hood strawberries

Bundled Hood strawberries

The only lawn in the yard is a tiny non-circular one in the front yard. I finally brought myself to tend it yesterday, but inconveniently had planted some bulbs too close so sheared the edges. I had the idea that I would shear the whole thing, but it was too time consuming so I got out the weed-whacker. Much to my irritation, I hit two bulbs with the unwieldy weed-whacker. There has been talk of taking out the lawn and putting in Stepables lawn-replacement groundcovers. I definitely like this idea.

2013 Miscell 0569 2013 Miscell 0571

I didn’t do all of my weeding before weed-whacking, so ended up with lawn clippings all over the weeds – not convenient. After whacking, I weeded and cut at a fern – not worthy of a photograph.

I also removed mulch from around the base of some plants: I had put it there during a cold snap. You can kind of see what it looked like from this picture (formerly used):

Hebe 'Jasper'

Hebe ‘Jasper’

I decided that sufficient new growth had begun, so pruned the four hardy fuchsias (as according to Ciscoe Morris).

2013 Miscell 0573 4 Hardy Fuchsias prunings

Hebe ‘Pinocchio’ suffered some weather damage, so I cut it down. It had grown really fast, so I am not concerned about it making a good recovery.

2013 Miscell 0572 Hebe 'Pinocchio' pruning

Weeding is not that enjoyable, but it is part of being a gardener. Nicely, for part of the session my face was amongst hyacinths and near a daphne, so I was surrounded by pleasant fragrance.


Purchase in Sequim

Over the weekend I took a trip to the ocean, going through Sequim, Washington, which considers itself to be quite the lavender capital. I couldn’t help but stop at a lavender farm that was open, and bought a plant: English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) ‘Betty’s Blue’ of “Betty Blue’ (I have seen both). It may not turn out to be as blue as I had hoped.

2013 Miscell 0607 Lavender 'Betty's Blue'