Why you should and should not use aquarium pump submersible?

The water pump produces the levels of oxygen movement through the water. Due to this your fish and plants will do much better. There are a variety of aquarium pump types but submersible pumps can be used as it possesses a powerful motor to pump water in even large tank.

I have been used my submersible pump for many years and it have always been good to me. However, there are also some drawback that make me weigh the other options of aquarium pump. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of submersible water pumps and so you can decide if it the best aquarium pump submersible will appropriate for your aquarium setup or not.

#1 The advantages of submersible water pumps

The most common water pump type is the submersible pump. It brings significant efficiency and convenient as it never needs to be primer. As the name suggested, the entire pump can be submerged into the tank water and you do not need to worry about it wearing or tearing. The water pressure gets the water directly to the pump so it will save a lot of energy than the other kinds of pumps.

One more advantage of submersible pumps is that since it is under water, it I much more quiet than others pump. This is because the water they are submerged within ends up absorbing the noise of the pump.

For beginner, I would like to recommend this kind of pump as it is a heck of a lot easier to install. Submersible pumps do not require you to do any complicate things or drilling into the bulkhead of your filtration system.

Since the pump is always submerged in water, it also keeps the motor cool easier than other pumps.

#2 Disadvantages of submersible water pumps

a disadvantage of these internal pumps is that as they are water cooled, so they will release some heat out into the water and may heat up the water. These shouldn’t be used in cold water aquariums.

The other drawback is that the seals can become corroded over time. This can make water seeps into the motor, rendering and need to be repaired. Besides, that seal makes the submersible pump a bit difficult to get repairs.

Not only that, a submersible water pump can have a large body and take a lot of internal space of your aquarium, be careful of the dimensions of the pump.