10 Cheap Grow Cabinet for Cannabis Growing

If you enjoy gardening at home, you might consider purchasing a grow cabinet. These grow cabinets are designed for those who have limited space but want to grow their plants indoors, especially for who want to grow cannabis plants discreetly and privately. Grow rooms are often quite expensive as they provide a controlled environment for particular plants with the minimum of effort.

Getting the cheap cabinet comes with the risk of a low-quality unit, a waste of resources and time. For grower who have limited budget, this post may help get rid of your concern by introducing to you the best cheap grow cabinet, which are not only affordable but also create a secure and perfect grow condition for your marijuana.

Top 10 Cheap Grow Cabinet for Weed

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#1 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

VIVISUN 2-in-1 Grow tents are a great option if you are using hydroponics system but don’t have a lot of space with the dimensions rare 36”x24”x53”. What I love the most about this tent enable you to cultivate not only harvest cycle at a time. This is because this tent is designed with multiple chambers, 2 small and 1 large chambers, which allows you to grow plant at different growth stages.

The internal liner of the tent is 98%-reflective mylar, the whole inside acts as a huge reflector, ensuring that your plants receive the same amount of light as outdoor gardening. There’s also an excellent ventilation system, so if you use any led grow lights, you do not need to worry about additional heat.

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#2 iPower GLTENTXS3 Grow Tent with Reflective Mylar 32″ x 32″ x 63″

iPower grow cabinet is a little more costly than the option from VIVISUN, but it is lager (32″ x 32″ x 63″) and also very durable for long term use. The tent is made of Oxford fabric material, which resistant to water and wear, and the inside layer is 98% reflective Mylar, which increase the light effects inside the tent.

The cabinet is highly appreciated by it sturdy construction that made of strong metal poles and solid metal corner connectors. The tent is very easy to put together. It features observation window, floor tray, tool bag, and an instruction.

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#3 TopoLite Hydroponic Grow Tent

TopoLite is one of the cheapest grow tent available in the market. It is hard to find the other one with affordable price with good quality like TopoLite cabinets. This is the perfect tent for new grower to get start as it not only has a good price but also simple to install. There is nothing complicated and no tools are required. The tent ensures the clear, good ventilation inside with 3 round vents and 1 window with mesh. The cabinet material is 96% highly reflective diamond mylar for the inside and Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford fabric for the outside layer.

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#4 SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box

It is obvious that the grow box will much more expensive than the grow tent, but if you are looking for a superior quality, durable construction with higher technology grow cabinet, which can increase your yield quantity, you should consider SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box. This compact size grow box includes a lot of smart technology that allows you to manage your growth condition inside the box through your phone. This box can fit nearly anyplace because it was so compact and elegant. Besides, this grow cabinet features excellent odor control ability. Not only easy to use, this smart box will let you know when you should water your plants or adjust the light.

#5 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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Cash Crop 6.0 is one of the cheapest grow box available. This grow box includes a number of characteristics that make it appropriate for a variety of uses. If you want to grow cannabis ay home discreetly, this is the great choice as it is features odor-tight locker, which will block the cannabis strong smell. The box also has a very unobtrusive appearance that do not look like a grow cabinet. It comes with 150W LED grow lights on the top and sides offer adequate light for healthy plants grow.

#6 MELONFARM Grow Tent

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Just like any grow tent, this one from MELONFARM is simple and reliable with a cheap price. This tent features 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar material for the inside layer, which will enhance your lights intensity and maintain proper temperature of the tent. The outside layer is extra think  600D canvas, which is tear resistant and water resistant. I like its observation window, allows you can see your plants inside the tent without open it. This cabinet requires no skill, experience, and no tools to install, it offers you a detail instruction.

#7 TopoGrow 2-in-1 Grow Tent

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The TopoGrow 2-in-1 Grow Tent is beat value for the money as with a very reasonable price, you will have the tent with multiple room, which allow you to grow plant at different life stage like seedling, vegetation and flowering, so you can maximum your yield in just a small space. There are 2 smaller room where is perfect for propagation, and 1 large room for taller, growing plants. The large room have enough space for holding 3-5 plants at once. It is made ofr 600D oxford maylar cover and high-reflective waterproof diamond Mylar inner layer.