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Things you need to know about the best cage for 2 guinea pigs

Due to their small size, people who do not have enough space for a dog or a cat will prefer to keep guinea pigs. But unlike any typical pet, those are satisfied with the relation to their owner. Guinea pigs are social animals that need at least one friend of their species.

This had led to some requirements for their cages. Keeping 2 guinea pigs will need more attention than one. This article will help to figure out what is the best guinea pig cage for 2.

Large cages are always better

The most important factor for two guinea pigs getting along is the cage should big enough for them to have their own private space. If the cage is too small, they will be increased the feeling of tension and probably fight each other. A large enclosure will bring them a comfortable feeling and they also can be alone whatever they want. You should learn more about the best guinea pig treats.

Almost available cages are too small for 2 or more guinea pigs. If you bought a small cage, you should ensure that they are getting along fine in this cage and keep an eye on them all the time and monitor their weight and health.

Best guinea pig cages should big enough to include ramps, platforms to encourage they climb and the room to exercise.

The space needed for 2 guinea pigs should be at least 7,5 square feet and the ideal size is 15 square feet.

Choosing a great ventilated, easy to clean cage

Guinea pigs appear are cute and clean, but their cages are not like that. They are messy, poop and pee everywhere in the cages. Keeping one more guinea pigs that mean you will need to do a lot of cleaning more. Due to this, you will need a cage easy to clean and have a proper ventilated.

How to choose the best slow juicer?

Juicing is the current trend that is sweeping people who have a passion for health. Including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is very important and necessary. Drink juice every day is the best way to provide nutritional supplements to your body.

Instead of wasting your time by waiting in long lines at the market to buy juice, you can make your favorite juice at home whenever you want. Buying the best slow juicer is a great investment for your health and energy.

But after buying this device, you should ensure that it is worth the price and suits you nicely.

#1 Design

There are 2 types of slow juicer is a vertical masticating juicer, horizontal masticating juice and many different options of colors, sizes for you to choose from.

The vertical masticating juicer is compact, easy to store and suitable for small kitchen. Horizontal masticating juice is more great for juice vegetables than the vertical one.

#2 Pulp

Before buying, you need to consider if this juicer produces a lot of pulp or not. A much amount of pulp yielded means that this juicer work well, it retains the essential nutrients.

The feature of filter out pulp is also necessary for the cast you do not want any pulp in your drink. If this feature is important for you, check it carefully before buying it.

#3 Durability

Durability is also very important because you will use this juicer every day for a long time. You won’t want to fix usually or replace after some month of using. Choosing durable materials is the best way to ensure your juicer will work well.

#4 Easy to clean

This is a device that you use and need to clean up daily. Choosing a juicer easy to remove and clean. It would be best if your juicer friendly with the dishwasher.

How To Make An Omelet? Recipe And Notes

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Eating breakfast helps you stay focused, energizes your body, and moreover helps you maintain a healthy body. Eggs are one of the healthy and nutritious dishes for breakfast. Besides, eggs are cheap and can be processed into many different dishes. However, it will become a boring dish if you do not know how to combine it with other foods. So the omelette appears, serving as a nutritious and delicious dish for breakfast.

Omelette is also a fried egg, but it is evenly spiced in the yolk and white parts. With this delicious dish, you can substitute optional ingredients such as bell peppers, green onions, spinach, sausages, olives, diced tomatoes and mushrooms. You can use cheddar, swiss cheese, goat cheese, feta or any other type you like.

How to make an omelet?

#1 Ingredients:

2-4 eggs

Butter, grated cheese

Ham, chicken, sausage, bacon

Peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach

Salt and pepper

#2 Steps:

Beat eggs (Tip: should use fork instead of spoon to beat eggs will be quicker and tastier), seasoning with little wedge seeds, pepper.

Cut onions, ham, bell peppers, sausage into small pieces.

Add butter to the omelet pan (to create the aroma), when the pan is hot, add the eggs evenly over the pan.

When the bottom layer is cooked and dry, using a shovel or spoon to gently fold the egg twice.

Sprinkle cheese in the middle and use it hot.

#3 Notes:

Curently, there are a number of non-stick pans dedicated to frying omelets avaiable on the market. These pans often have high quality of non- stick layer and are quite durable, making it easy and quick to make an omelette. You can learn more about how to use a omelet pan and how to choose the best omelet pan here.

Is omelette good for your health?

Eggs are high in protein, not fat, so eating omelets doesn’t make you gain weight. This dish is very suitable for gym people to strengthen muscles, so it does not increase your fat and does not make you gain weight.

Combining your eggs with a variety of non-starchy vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and bell peppers, onions, will help supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you want to add cheese, use cheddar cheese to increase the flavor of the omelette.

Adding tofu to your omelette will increase protein content and keep it moist and smooth without adding saturated fat. And did you know that using about one teaspoon of sesame oil will make it more flavorful and provide some healthy unsaturated fats.

Using salmon helps replenish essential protein and omega-3 fats for the body instead of processed meats. Spices such as curry powder, chili powder, basil, marjoram or tarragon, can give omelette flavor without adding calories or sodium.

Eating a plate of omelet in the morning will provide enough protein for the body all day. Eating omelet also makes you full long. This is the reason many people use omelet eggs during weight loss because this food contains a lot of protein and not much fat. In addition, eating omelet also helps the body supplement choline – an active ingredient that is good for nerves and brain health.

What is the advantage of a Toyota hybrid battery

The hybrid system has 8 years/100,000miles warranty In the US and this includes hybrid batteries.

The hybrid battery of the Prius 2004-2009 has a warranty of 10years/150,000 miles only in the California-emission state because it is covered under the CA emissions. Recently I heard the 2010 Prius will have a longer warranty.

It is a full warranty i.e. no cost for parts or labor.

Your Toyota dealer should offer you a $200 rebate for your battery should you want to replace the battery out of warranty. This is so that the battery gets recycled properly.

The price of the new Prius battery recently dropped from $2985 to $2299 for a 2001-2003 model and $2588 for the 2004 to date model of the NHW20. You can also get Used Prius hybrid battery packs from sports vehicles at the price of 1000 on eBay. It is usually advised to change the whole unit instead of changing it cell by cell and this can be done by Toyota dealers.

The charge for labor varies from place to place.

No one really knows the average lifespan of the battery because not much battery has been failing so it is difficult to tell how long the batteries last. It is rare to see a US Prius with batteries issues even after 9 years of hitting the market with over 200,000 miles covered.

How long does the Prius battery last and what does the replacement cost?

The Prius battery has been designed to make battery live to its maximum ability. And this can be achieved by keeping the battery at a charged. Do not drain the battery fully and also do not use without fully recharging it. This makes the Prius battery to live an easy life.

Our lab data show an estimate of 180,000 miles with no deterioration and it is expected to make the vehicle last. We are improving our battery technology: the second-generation model battery is smaller by 15%, lighter by 25%, and has the power is 35% more than the first. This also influences the price as well. The price of the 2003 and 2004 models, service battery dropped by 36% and is expected to keep dropping so that replacement will not be a problem when needed. No Toyota battery has been replaced for wear and tear since 2000 when it hit the market.

Does the nickel-metal hydride battery have any recycling plan in place?

Toyota has been recycling nickel-metal hydride batteries in their recycling program since the introduction of the RAV4 Electric Vehicle in 1998. From the precious metals to the plates, plastic, steel case and the wiring, is recycled. Phone numbers to call are on the batteries for recycling information and the dealers are being rewarded $200 for each battery this is done to ensure that all batteries return to Toyota.

However, the Prius’ 12v accessory battery can be used to power lights, fans, alarm, radio etc. and also computers. The golf cart batteries 12v cannot be used to start a car because it drains easier. A 12v battery can be drained by just leaving your headlights on overnight or you did not drive your car for two weeks.  You will eventually need to replace it if not properly used or repeatedly drained. To replace it you will definitely need a dealer because of the AGM style, odd post, small physical size, with $150 – $300 (if you need an adapter).

There are lots of false information on the hybrid vehicle batteries and vehicle production, thanks to a mistake done by marketing paper by a poo and CNW

Lift Kits Are For More Than Just Style, Function And Safety Must Be Considered

Lift Kits Are For More Than Just Style, Function And Safety Must Be Considered

Lift Kits Are For More Than Just Style, Function And Safety Must Be Considered

Lift Kits Are For More Than Just Style, Function And Safety Must Be Considered

Many people purchase lift kits for their SUV or off-road vehicle simply because they like the way their vehicle looks, but that would be very shortsig…

Many people purchase lift kits for their SUV or off-road vehicle simply because they like the way their vehicle looks, but that would be very shortsighted, and it could even be dangerous. So if a lift kit is purchased for the right reasons, that is with both an understanding of its function along with the desire for the vehicles appearance, it can be a very worthwhile acquisition.

Also to be seriously considered is the installation process itself. It is not as simple as just ordering the parts and deciding that you will install it yourself on a Saturday afternoon. If you have the proper experience, and the right equipment, it certainly is possible, though many people might feel that it is simply a bolt on installation, which to a large degree it is, but it can be very tricky and is not an installation for an amateur mechanic.

Aside from the style statement, the significant changes that lift kits provide concerning the road handling performance of vehicles must be taken into account, if only for safety reasons.

What will be the main use of your vehicle? Will you be mainly slow rockclimbing, weekend off-roading or 99% blacktop? If this use is mainly off-road, specifically if you’re going to do a significant amount of hard-core riding over rocks, then a very elaborate, high lift would make more sense. If a lift kit is desired mainly for so-called styling, then one providing noticeable, but lesser height might be more appropriate.

You see, when a lift kit installed, regardless of whether it is a 2-inch lift kit or 10 inches of lift, all of the original suspension components are significantly affected, consequently significantly changing the vehicles ride; most importantly, its stability.

So as you are browsing through the off-road magazines, or going from site to site researching lift kits on the Internet, keep in mind that styling is fine, but safety is first. It is possible to purchase a lift kit that will give you the styling you want with the safety that you need. This is a purchase for which it is particularly important to do your homework.

Give Your 4WD The Gift Of Air, A Safari Snorkel

Give Your 4WD The Gift Of Air, A Safari Snorkel

Give Your 4WD The Gift Of Air, A Safari Snorkel

Give Your 4WD The Gift Of Air, A Safari Snorkel

The Safari Snorkel was first developed and perfected in one of the few toughest off-road environments in the entire world, the outback in Australia. T…

The Safari Snorkel was first developed and perfected in one of the few toughest off-road environments in the entire world, the outback in Australia. There was a significant need to protect off-road vehicle engines down under; and when there is a need, there is a way, and the Safari Snorkel was born.

Actually designed along the lines of a periscope, visually it does make a statement and might actually incite more attention than a Mercedes parked next to the snorkeled 4×4.

The basic idea is to sanitize the air inducted to the engine to the highest degree, much more so than it normally would be. This would not just involve the elimination of dust and dirt; there is actually a water separation system built into the Safari Snorkel. This is particularly beneficial, whereas on a misty or rainy day though the dust probably would not be present, the Safari Snorkel will keep water droplets, or worse, from getting into the engine.

The entire snorkel system is completely sealed, providing the engine with ultimate protection during the worst driving conditions in the desert’s dust, or during crossings of bodies of water.

Topping off those core benefits of a Safari Snorkel air and water filtration system, is that, like a submarine’s periscope, it is rotatable; that means that not only is that air induction port free and clear just above the roof line, but it is also rotatable, meaning that if for example you are traveling and have a snowballs the snorkel can be rotated away from the oncoming storm, therefore preventing a choking effect of the snow building up within the snorkels intake opening.

If you want to provide your 4×4 engine with the gift of breath, for the best engine performance under virtually any weather conditions, while making the statement that your 4WD is truly hard-core, a Safari Snorkel will provide both to your vehicle unlike any other aftermarket product.

Jeep Wrangler Accessories Will Make Your Cool Jeep Even Cooler, And More Functional

Jeep Wrangler Accessories Will Make Your Cool Jeep Even Cooler, And More Functional

It’s a Jeep thing! You know the deal; there is no vehicle on the planet that is more modified and accessorized then the Jeep line. Jeep Wrangler acces…

It’s a Jeep thing! You know the deal; there is no vehicle on the planet that is more modified and accessorized then the Jeep line. Jeep Wrangler accessories are among the most popular of all. They are so plentiful that choosing which you want to purchase can be dizzying fun!

Say you just purchased your new Jeep Wrangler, you got a good deal, but you sure wish that you had a few of the accessories that weren’t part of the deal; or you knew all along that there were some aftermarket products that weren’t available from the factory or the dealer. Either way, there is a world of Wrangler accessories that will both make your Wrangler more eye-catching, and make it more functional, driver friendly and a safer vehicle.

One of the most common Wrangler accessories is the top, of which there are numerous choices for different seasons and different reasons. Your local climate will probably determine, at least, what would be your primary top; some Wrangler owners actually have two or three different tops if they are in a four season climate.

A hard top is probably the best year round top in such a varied climate. It is certainly the best insulated, which is the most efficient for both heat and air-conditioning. If your winters are not harsh, or there is no winter season, such as in San Diego, you might prefer just the soft top, which is easier to disassemble and store, as it also presents a different look that some Jeep owners prefer.

That just touches the surface of all the Jeep Wrangler accessories that are available. If you choose not to have a top, it would be wise to obtain a set of Wrangler see covers, as the UV rays from the sun can do significant damage to seats not shielded in only a couple of years.

There are a ton of Wrangler suspension kits, many of which will raise the chassis just a few, or many inches. Depending on whether it will be driven vastly on the hardtop with occasional off-road driving, or significant off-road driving will be done, there is an aftermarket suspension system that would suit the Jeep Wrangler perfectly.

Along with such a suspension change would obviously be a change in tires, or vice versa. Higher rise, bigger tires; but how big is too big, and is the main reason style or practicality concerning certain off-road pursuits? There is a lot to consider and resolve, with safety the first though; then fun.

We can’t forget sound systems! There are numerous specific sound systems tailored to the interiors of Jeep wranglers. Special speakers and grills specifically made to fit in the door panels, in the back area and some places where you would wonder how a good-size speaker ever fit there?

There are also sound bars, which are positioned horizontally, usually just a little above and behind the driver and passenger seats. It would probably house numerous speakers including mid-ranges and tweeters, with possibly a separate sub-woofer, custom fit in the wranglers back area.

Those are among the most common and desired Jeep Wrangler accessories, though that is not much beyond touching the surface. Looking at a Wrangler accessories catalog or such a website, of which there are a ton, your head will be spinning as if you have a sweet tooth in a candy store.

Do your research, have fun, and choose wisely. Keep in mind that the best accessories are both pleasing to the eye, and present a valuable function concerning the Wrangler’s performance and, of course, the safety factor if it is a performance product.

Why Your Jeep Needs A Snorkel!

Why Your Jeep Needs A Snorkel!

Why Your Jeep Needs A Snorkel!

Why Your Jeep Needs A Snorkel!

There are many reasons to add a snorkel to your Jeep, even if you don’t cross streams and high water. Snorkels effectively move the engines air intak…There are many reasons to add a snorkel to your Jeep, even if you don’t cross streams and high water. Snorkels effectively move the engines air intake several feet higher and OUTSIDE of the engine compartment.

This allows your Jeep to breathe air that is much cooler than is available in the engine compartment – adding horsepower while also allowing much cleaner air into the engine! Have you ever driven on a dusty road and looked in the rearview mirror to see a plume of dust and dirt getting kicked up into the air? The higher up off of the road the air intake gets, the cleaner the air is. Your cylinder walls will thank you with a stronger, healthier engine even if it is only used on paved roads, a snorkel is an investment in the health and performance of your rig.

Another consideration can be easily overlooked by the casual off-roader is that when you enter a body of water more than a foot deep, the angle of entry is almost always steep. This means that your Jeep tips forward, effectively putting the intake closer to the water line while entering, The farther forward in the engine compartment the intake is located, the lower it dips when entering these crossings and mudholes. Having a snorkel puts your intake position high and dry so you can wheel with peace of mind. How costly and embarrasing would it be to hydrolock your engine in less than two feet of water?

Installing a snorkel on your Jeep will free up precious space in the engine compartment allowing for extra mods, or just a little more space for air to circulate and cool your engine. It renders you immune to the occasional splash that a stock intake position ends up eating when you’re out sliding around in a mud hole.

A Jeep Snorkel means:

•Cleaner air entering the engine for longer engine life
•Cooler air entering the engine for higher horsepower
•Intake safely above water level (if it is under, then so are you)
•Frees up space in the engine compartment for a cooler engine or more modifications
•Makes your rig stick out as a true off-roading machine. These get lots of looks!